Why, hello there.

Welcome to the first official blog from The White Tigress.  As of this moment, I cannot be certain what this blog will turn out to be.  A rant? Pop culture? Sex advice? Who knows…however I do know that I am excited to finally be apart of the “blogosphere” and I hope I can make things interesting, instead of those other mundane and awkward blogs you find from time to time and feel obliged to sit through until the end simply because you’re a friend of the person writing them and you’re trying to be a “good friend” to the person. Please.  No one has time to waste on someone else, so I will try to make things as interesting as possible and if it’s dull I won’t make you suffer through. (no pressure…)

This blog was inspired by an article I read in the Globe and Mail today, http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/arts/scarlett-johansson-and-ryan-reynolds-end-marriage/article1837770/, about Ryan Reynold’s split with Scarlett Johansson.  Firstly I don’t like Scarlet Johansson, I think she’s a horrible actress and not even thaaat pretty and secondly, I love Alanis Morrisette and can’t help feeling a bit of resentment toward that whole break up situation and the fact that Reynolds started dating Johannson so quickly after he and Alanis broke up.  I was hoping for some more angry Alanis songs but nothing really came out of that. Bummer.  I can’t deny I saw this split coming and that it makes me a little happy to see the best girl win the last laugh.  Alanis is now happily married with baby no. 1 on the way and Ryan Reynolds will be all alone this Christmas, aside from maybe a little TLC from his mama. Too bad Ryan, it could have been your little dna’s growing in her belly.


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