“Sex Coach Barbie”

While discussing “Barbie” in my most recent pop culture class, a question was posed, “What did everyone do with their Barbies when they were little?” Most people answered with activities like dressing them up, taking them to school, cutting off their hair or popularly, decapitating them.  This ignited an interesting train of thought: could many of my current personality traits be attributed to how I played with my barbies when I was little? My primary activity for barbie was to have sex. She just loved it! I don’t know why or how or when this started but she spent at least half her days rolling around in the hay with Ken.

[Oh Barbie, wipe that smile off your face.  We know you’re just waiting for Ken to get home from work…]

Could this be some kind of premonition as to how I would aggressively pursue sex in my adult life? Or is this why I so enjoy a frequent “roll around in the hay” nowadays? Or perhaps it was part of the process enabling me to become so comfortable on the topic of sex.  Beneath all the insecure teenage body image issues every girl has experienced, was indeed a confident sexual tigress waiting to bloom into maturity.  I have never been shy to talk about topics traditionally known as taboo; I’m sure a lot of that comes from influences throughout my upbringing such as my parents open-minded and accepting way of living to candid and comical conversations between friends.  I am, by no means, insinuating I have reached full tigress stature.  I hope that is an aspect of my life that is continuously evolving and developing with maturity and experience. With each encounter comes new knowledge and expertise.  From the days of play-sex with Ken and Barbie to my most recent sexcapade, I continue to learn more about myself and the sexual experience. Did Mattel really intend for their doll to spurt a youth’s sexual development? Probably not.  However, that is how she influenced my life for the positive and I will forever be grateful.  You should be too because this blog you so enjoy reading would be nonexistent.

“Why was Barbie mad at Ken?”

“Because he came in another box”


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  1. omg barbie girl u are lucky u better enjoy him while u got him and and get ken

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