Weather you like it alot or a little, your gonna want to read this.

DISCLAIMER: I really needed to rant this out while I’m trying to get through finals, I promise back to more interesting topics like sex next week.

Thanks, in great part to my parents (mostly father), I have a knack for spelling, grammar, and other rudimentary english language prose.  Unfortunately, this “knack” has turned into a great pet peeve as I have gotten older, realizing not everyone shares the same basic knowledge of the English language that I do.

Nothing is more irritating than proof-reading a group assignment the night before it is due to ensure I agree with the other group members’ (see that- plural possessive, ‘ goes after the “s”) contributions and finding a plethora of spelling and grammar mistakes.  I am in the second year of a degree program! How did these people pass Grade 12 English? Better yet, how do they get through life without looking truly moronic!! The next person that asks if spelling and grammar “counts” on a paper, I’m gonna scream.  Of course it counts you f*cking moron! This is university! You should be able to write legibly by now!

Recently, a T.A. from York University was under investigation for bashing her students’ papers on facebook.  She posted, “My student’s papers are making me dumber, so very stupid; by the minute. Please, make them, stop. They are infecting me with there huge and apparent stupidity, and I fear they will start to effect in my opinion the way I myself right papers.”  First of all, that wasn’t a smart move, as we all know Facebook isn’t a lock and key diary.  However, I can empathize with her frustration as the caliber of students going to university seems to be heading downhill.  Who cares if you’re a genius if you can’t distinguish the difference between there and their and they’re (at least that’s how I feeL).

For your reading pleasure, I have posted the link to a quick guide entitled “10 Words You Need to Stop Misspelling”.  Feel free to “accidentally” pass this on to anyone you feel may need a refresher course.

10 Words You Need to Stop Misspelling


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